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Product group
Aircraft GSE
mobile airconditioning unit 
JBT AeroTech  
JetAire 110 Ton 


year of manufacture : 2008
working hours: 3,5
Condition : excellent , new


Design Elements

Jetaire 110 Ton Mobile Preconditioned Air units is the solution for situations that require large airflow cooling capabilities in locations where a nearby power source is not available.

The 110 Ton preconditioned air unit is mounted on a multi-functional trailer and powered by a robust, dependable diesel engine and generator set. They are the ideal solution to keep aircraft interiors comfortable in hangars, at maintenance sites, and on the ramp.

Jetaire 110 Ton Mobile units offer a reduction in APU usage, which is a significant benefit in terms of reducing operating costs and pollution

Engine/Generator Set
Diesel Engine:  IVECO Curser 13
Generator: 320kW
Engine/Generator Controller: IFM PLC
Fuel Capacity/Running time: 168gal./8hours

Length: 260in (660.4cm)
Width: 100in (254cm)
Height: 91in (231.14cm)
Weight: 20.000lbs

Control System
PLC Controls

Blower Motor: 75hp
Air Flow: 600lbs@H20
Static Pressure: 40 in

Condensor Fans
Quantity per Unit: 4
Fan Motors: 7.5hp
Diameter: 42 in (100.8cm)

Quantity per Unit: 4 (2x25 Ton and 2x30 Ton)
Refrigerant: R407C or 134A
Manufacturer: Danfoss

Sound Level
92 dBA @ 15ft (4.6m)

Design Ambient
Humid - Dry Bulb: 97ºF (36.1ºC)
Humid - Wet Bulb: 85ºF (29,5ºC)
Dry - Dry Bulb: 108ºF (42,2ºC)
Dry - Wet Bulb: 65ºF (18,3ºC)

Standard Equipment
-programmable Logic Controls
-Diesel Engine and 320kW Generator set
-Delivery Hose (style and/or lenght) and Aircraft Couplings
-Surge Brake Hand Operated Parking Brake
-Hose Storage Systems
-75hp Blower motor
-Running gear with pneumatic tires
-Fifth wheel front steer axle
-Leaf-Spring Suspension
-Configuration to narrow-body, wide-body, jumbo and A380 aircraft
-190kW, 5 stage heater

Aircraft Serviced
-Narrow-body (All)
-Wide-body (All)
-Jumbo (All)
-A380 -two units

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jbt aerotech jetaire 110 ton

Model: mobile airconditioning unit
Manufacturer: JBT AeroTech
Type: JetAire 110 Ton
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